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Sunwater // MOYOGI // Ghost Wives // Sofus // Deva St. John

Sunwater – Geyser

Sunwater’s ‘Geyser’ is off of the self titled album, which delights with charm and prog-pop love. The project is an unassuming assault on your premises. The album has multiple genres utilized to describe the times spent on bringing forth such storytelling urgency. From indie-rock, to world, to prog, to thoughtful and conscious adoration for the craft – bleeds out from the edges of the artist, in ernest aplomb. The album is complete in its production value and assertion of craft. We’d guess we’ll know more about Sunwater soon.

MOYOGI – Thanks For Space

It’s that guitar lick progression during the chorus that takes you away to that certain memory. A sentimental vibe in conventional emotional incongruities, sacked by the notions of parsing hints of love and joy. The smile in corner to corner, juxtaposing with the heaviness of the current realities in life and balancing of it. The efforts of letting go, sometimes has its own way of cost and retribution. A dilemma that is vivid in our day-to-day, grinding our souls into granular dusts of remaining spirits. But that small lingering gratitude – that grand acceptance of what and why you’re here – resonates fervently and privately; urging concentrations of love. Of that joy. Once more. ‘Thanks For Space’ small but large contribution is at the heart of Kiki and Pavel’s songs. We all get lost. MOYOGI want us to always remember that, that road to that personal ‘joy’ will be there, when you want to return.

Ghost Wives – Take It All

London based indie-rockers Ghost Wives, won’t ghost you. If you really try, they’ll throw you that fab goodness in ‘Take It All’, and then serve you dessert for the fun of it. Your smile, as you dig deeper into the world of the band’s musical attitudes, says it all. The Brit-pop alternative, garage-rock vibes, wrangle with the framing in off-the-cuff attitudes in self absorption, hating in love, and buoyancy in trust – all culminate in this small slice of sugar and spice. The 2nd single from the band, it’s a fabulous start to new project, that has all to offer. Looking forward to see the evolution.

Sofus – Danser Mod Solen

Said Sofus: “The theme of the song is going out alone but in love on a rainy Friday night in Copenhagen… during the ascent from autumn to winter.” Whoa. What a combination of hopes and dreams, realities and expectations. From Sofus, we delight in this single that encompasses a Universal vitality to the fore, with dynamic synth play (i.e. solo), and that brooding and very Scandinavian vocal attention that just exudes value and weight to story telling. The song that is sung in Danish, delivers with tame aristocratic visions for enjoyment and fun for a time in a life that was reminiscent. But with Sofus, the contrast of his synth play, delivers a different sheen to the song, that is playful, irreverent and most important of all – a vibe for self-realization and acceptance for the changes that are always imminent in all our lives. It’s a charming single and it continues Sofus’ aim of art, mixed in music.

Deva St. John – The Information Age

“I wrote ‘The Information Age’ after spending way too long comparing myself to other people,” said Deva St. John, unequivocally. “I was beginning to feel my self worth deteriorate with every passing post; watching people I love allow misinformation to cloud their judgement, while knowing the media I’m consuming is probably just as manipulative; seeing the growth and decay of important news due to a lack of any public attention span; watching entire gigs through an audience member’s phone screen. It’s become so easy to distract ourselves. I wanted to remind people that a hive mind isn’t the answer, especially when your Queen Bee is a sewer rat.” Born in London to American parents and raised in Berkshire, Deva’s sound is a bridge between the soundscapes of British and American pop culture. Under the hood of this dynamically charged artist is a unbound and thumping engine for music making. The growl of her lyrical expressions is her soul, displayed on for the world to see with eyes open wide. Relegating the norms, for the outlandishly opulence opportunities – in life and song – is where the alternative angle of the songstress, shines. See the band next for BBC Introducing @ Purple Turtle, Reading UK November 13th.


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