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SuomynonA // Whippoorwill // The Lone Palms // Lacing // The Vault

SuomynonA – I Fuckin’ Quit. Live!

“This song was composed a little while ago, but was under constant change, adding and removing sections, searching for right sound and looking for right people to perform it with. It was composed and to encourage people to do what they truly love, look for it, and when found, feel the bliss of some sort of belonging. The title might not really represent nor deliver all the feelings, but quit what you don’t like, and do what will make you happy at least in a very small, but deep and profound way.” Sergei leads this cross-genre prog-band. And the saxophonist and composer delivers, along with his band mates, a dynamic and contentiously involved complexity in jazz, math, and rock. The experimental mentality is quelled just a bit, only with the inkling that the band is quite aware of its surroundings and where the song will take their audience. By the by, that place where their audience will be taken, is some far away world with purple plants and exotic animals that we’d only imagined in our mind’s eye. Yep. That f*cked up. And how glorious, right? You cannot not love this. Sergei also delivers in his own horn play, with excitement and pace that everyone can appreciate.

Whippoorwill – Cold Sound

Fort Collins alternative folk-rock trio Whippoorwill, consisting of Alysia Kraft (guitar, vocals), Staci Foster (guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals), and Tobias Bank (drums, vocals), finished work in February 2019 on a much-anticipated full-length debut album. Kraft was raised on a family-owned Wyoming cattle ranch, Foster alongside the rivers of the Texas Hill Country. Foster and Kraft met by chance at a porch picking party at SXSW 2013. The two exchanged songs throughout the night before parting for separate tours, later naming themselves “Whippoorwill” for the bird cooing through the pauses in song on the night of their meeting. How odd that the songs they make sound exactly like the nature’s calls: wistful, profound, charming, and relaxing. Though the vibes contrast the lyrics, the coordinated construction of ‘Cold Sound’ is palpable and delivers with understated indie punch. “These songs were birthed of storms,” says vocalist Alysia Kraft. And she’s right. See them next @ Washington’s FoCo, Fort Collins, Colorado on November 15th.

The Lone Palms – Quiet Here

Said The Lone Palms: “‘Quiet Here’ is our favourite live track to play and still remains a firm crowd pleaser here in Vancouver. It is us at our most relaxed, rockin’ and groovy. Lyrically it is about being ok with non-conformity.” Like a fresh breeze of combined ol’ school rock and grunge-Americana, The Lone Palms bring a third dimension of new-wave in the edges of a unique blend of song. The 3rd single from their upcoming EP ‘Fun And Games’ (October 25th), it is a nostalgic back to a time of your memories. Even if you’d not lived in that glory, ‘Quiet Here’ still speaks to you in that most visceral and real. Alex Cooper, Dave Comrie, Dan Cerino and Stacy Mack draw from a mutual love of the carefree, cross-country drawl of artists like Neil Young, America and the Eagles. The drive of ‘Quiet Here’s apex is beautifully crafted and oh so cool to listen to. See this fabulous band next @ The Roxy Cabaret, in Vancouver Canada, on October 19th.

Lacing – 92

Made up of band members: Joseph Davenport, Jerry Reed, Robert Parker, and Joseph J Micolo III, Lacing is a band that is ripe for your listening. Taking the philosophical tenor from novelist Cormac McCarthy, the band takes a cerebral take on life and its mechanics. “You think when you wake up in the mornin’ yesterday don’t count. But yesterday is all that does count. What else is there? Your life is made out of the days it’s made out of. Nothin else.” Trauma, when it happens, is stored in some of the most ancient structures in our brain as sensory fragments. When triggered by seemingly innocuous events sometimes it comes back in flashes of unbidden memories. In writing ‘Without’ (October 31st), the 2nd album from Lacing, vocalist/guitarist Joseph found himself tapping into a chapter in his life that he thought he had closed years ago. Growing up with an abusive and alcoholic father led Davenport to develop severe anxiety that would reach well into his adult years. Stitched together with several hallucinatory interlude tracks, including the final infinite locked-groove track on the vinyl edition, Without harnesses the urgency of punk rock (“Regret”), the dramatic swells of post-rock (“Violet”) and the exhilarating pull of shoegaze (“Prague”). See them next @ JJ’s Bohemia, Chattanooga Tennessee on November 4th.

The Vault – Glass Tides

The Vault is an independent concept rock band from the Netherlands. They are inspired by bands like Muse, Coheed & Cambria, The Dear Hunter and Mew. Off of their brand new album ‘Chapter I: Glass Tides”, the title track is an exploratory exposition into the personal. With longing visions and a ballad-like power ensemble of instruments the song to guide the bleeding metal soul that wants to break through the skin. The glacial ambience of the arm’s length away lyrics and the warmth of the lead vocals, brings you full circle to the everglades of amitions that this song brings to the band. It is a fabulous single. Like a good story, The Vault lets you explore a new world and carries you through their songs filled with twists, drama and suspense. As a result, the music is dynamic and the vocal lines melodic, reflecting the emotions and feelings of the main characters.


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