Supercrack ‘Saturn Jacket’ : Dancing while running from the future that will be inevitable.


This song was written specifically to drive the M25, M40 and A41 to, between the hours of 11pm and 4am.

Luke Duffett is Supercrack. And in this ‘Saturn Jacket’, a visceral grating of lyrics and rhythms, remind you of those 90’s nights, panther-like stares, and a love that can be blended in seduction.

Luke’s vibin’ attitude, surges just under the surface of his vocals, dancing while running from the future that will be inevitable. His asking of what your future will be, is the inquiry which we ask of ourselves everyday.

A lyrical anthem, drenched in subterranean coolness and angst.

Look for more of the good-stuff from Supercrack.

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‘Saturn Jacket’ 🪐06.03.20🪐

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