Superdiesel ‘Superstar’ : Strong enough to go with the flow. Taking it in. Step at a time. A breath at a time.


Hey. Did you have a crappy 2020? Lots of us, all over the world, did. You’re not alone, as you know. From fires, crashes, swarms, natural disasters, a pandemic, political ineptness, injustices, and a looming world financial crisis, most of you are strong enough to go with the flow. Taking it in. Step at a time. A breath at a time.

We think Superdiesel’s single ‘Superstar’ is that perfect anthem. Strong, willing, never forgetting the past, but always looking forward, the single has that great balance of ol’ school positivity with the rockin’ element that well.. rocks you out.

Superdiesel is a five-piece rock band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 2016. Since then the band has toured around Finland and has published ‘Introducing: Superdiesel’ EP and a single ‘High on your love’ which gained airplay on Finnish national radios Yle Vega, Yle X3M and Järviradio. The band released its debut album ‘Elevate’ the 28th of February and the first single ‘Break Out’ a couple of weeks earlier.

You’re stronger than you think. And deep inside, you know you are.

As the band added: “[‘Superstar’] goes out to all you struggling, beautiful people out there. To all the bullied and to all who are working hard just to keep it together day by day. Remember that you are SUPERSTARS and your time to shine will come”



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