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Superheart Shares ‘2001’. “Dreamy and infectiously enigmatic.”

‘2001’ is the latest in a line of dreamy and infectiously enigmatic singles that Superheart has offered for his listeners. The velvety production intertwines access to the vacuous, with undeniably sentient incandescence to an idea and/or of an image on a memory.

Branded again with Superheart’s branded sound, the ambient journey-de-jour of wall to wall shimmer and valence, the floating idea of ‘2001’ captures the many, and focuses on the supple and the comforting.

The London based artist specializes in experimental sounds, wicked in signature, and fulfilling to the last bite of that glorious anthem of vibe.

“All my songs are made up of my life experiences,” pointed Superheart, “sometimes I don’t know what my songs are about because my head is like a washing machine, and I think things happen to me and then swirl around for a while and then if important, come out in a song or even just a phrase or verse or something.”

Continued: “When I was 5, I sang on a cover of “A horse With No Name” that my Dad was recording at Abbey Road Studios and was paid with a penguin bar. I thought that meant that must be what you did when you were older so that’s all I’ve been trying to do since. (And I still accept penguin bars as a form of payment)..I just feel really incredibly lucky to have been immersed in it from a young age, it made doing it feel natural. I feel like I learned so much from just observing and listening to talented musicians and watching people work. I’ve just been fascinated with music and making records for as long as I can remember, and I still am!”

‘2001’ is off of his latest EP ‘Opening Credits’.



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