SuperKnova – ‘Night’s A Bitch’ (Official Video)

‘By and For’ the queer community, SuperKnova stated. LGBTQ+ persons featured in the video and dang proud of it. The ominously lighted music video by the Chicago headquartered indie/queer pop artist, exactly combines interior uncertainties and external profundity of doubts, remorse, acceptance, and of moving forward.

It’s the only way.

“100% of the cast members are LGBTQ+ as is several of the videography team and supporting crew. Our budget was $0. What we lacked in funds we made up for with sheer love for community and queer positivity.”

Close your eyes, listen to the synth-bass, the audacity, the confidence – ‘Night’s A Bitch’ is a fabulous song, put into a very nicely (though no budget) packaged music video.

Just like the message of the song, necessity spelling out innovation- as it always does.

Keep calm. Keep your head. Stride strong.

The song is off of SuperKnova’s debut EP ‘Splendor Dysphoria’ which dropped mid-summer 2017.



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