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Superorganism – Something for your M.I.N.D.

Superorganism’s Something For Your M.I.N.D is something for the senses. The hook gets in. Deep and it’s good. So good that it just clenches our spleen and doesn’t let go.

As reported by other sources, the group is based from Maine, but has members in remote locations. It is headed by a reported 17 year old Japanese-American gal, who set up the band with members from Maine USA, and London, UK. Go figure. Certainly a testament to her talent.

Whatever the logistics, seems the edge on the spearhead for the group and for this song is sharp. Sharp like the chef’s culinary tool that severs the joints in a thigh bone, of a bear.

The work in Something For Your M.I.N.D is original, soothing, contrasting, delectable, scrumptious, sexy – all culminating in a weird but tantalizing display of teasing. You know, just like the teasing one gets from sucking on a caramel candy. Swirling it around the inside of one’s mouth, it just begs for you to ‘chew’ it. But let’s not ‘chew’ it. Once it’s cracked open and chewed, the caramel candy’s taunting is over and it quickly disappears into one’s stomach. The journey is over.

It’s that “tug” at one’s senses (just like that freaking caramel candy), that Superorganism brings. And we dig it so.

We’ll be digging into more of their stuff, soon, and regurgitating the summaries of what we think, soon.

Can’t wait.

And they’re distributed by Domino.



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