Supertaste ‘When The Lights Go Out’ : Bridging the gap between indie, electronic and funk. Making a splash.


Out of Brooklyn, Supertaste is the collaboration of musicians Hundreds Thousands (Zach Britt) and Slug Father (Lucas Feigenbaum), who have been working together for over two years spinning some of the best spaces in New York.

Both DJs come from burgeoning solo careers with Hundreds Thousands, being named an emerging artist by DJ Mag in 2019. Zach is also making a splash supporting sonically diverse artists Mija, Break Science, and Papadosio in addition to performing at popular Thailand music festival, Jai Thep this year.

Slug Father released track “Every Minute” in 2019 which continues to gain popularity with over 300,000 streams. Feigenbaum has performed at New York's Governor’s Ball for two consecutive years as well as supported RJD2 and Zimmer at the Brooklyn Bowl and Bowery Ballroom, respectively.

“We’re bridging the gap between indie, electronic and funk. Each of us brings great energy to the booth. When you’re DJing five hour sets with someone you really get to know them,” Lucas said. “I’m this hardcore kid from South Florida while Zach is a new age hippie from North Carolina, we came together for an electronic disco inspiration sandwich.”


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