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Sure Sure // Caroline Kuhn // Gently Tender // BEAKIN // H.Grimace

Sure Sure – Warm Animal

SURE SURE makes us feel good. It’s good to smile. Because our everyday can be over-consuming sometimes. Breaking apart the day with a song like ‘Warm Animal’ just becomes a pleasure to do. That feeling of ‘doing something right’ for your psyche. You know, like that hot bath, in total quiet, with only the intermittent drops of water from the faucet. Or just like that ‘ah-ha’ moment and the realization that your girl was ‘the one’. Or when you just love the small moment of glorious eating at the burger place, after a hard days work. Simple things, make right, and as SURE SURE knows and does so well, they make us smile from here to there. The Los Angeles indie-pop band will drop their new EP ‘What’s It Like?’ this May. That means even more smiles will ensue. Kudos.

Caroline Kuhn (ft. NTHNL) – Apple

CAROLINE KUHN’s beautifully engaging vocals is unavoidable. The artist’s folk textures, drive out the demons, as the wonderful hymns of her writing, deepens and widens as the Oceans exist. With this offering of ‘Apple’, you can’t help but be swept away, as her glorious vocals relegate you into a listening neophyte, gazing at the beauty of the moving planets – for the first time. The streaming words coalesce seamlessly in Caroline’s mouth, with a dexterity of weight and significance. With Brooklyn artist and producer, NTHNL, the right amount of shimmer and glitz, glaze over the song; non-destructive, and truly highlighting all of the strengths. ‘Apple’ is a grand song. Simple as that.

Gently Tender – Some Hard Advice

North London based band GENTLY TENDER has it going on. Deep brassy vocals, band the team together, as the song of ‘Some Hard Advice’ rides a tale of learned signals and missed opportunities. Trance, coupled with mis-givings, the protagonist drives a hard bargain against the demons of his past and upcoming future. “Discount” he asked his companion. “Nope.” It never occurs to him that all of it depended solely on his actions. Be compliant to self-motivated procrastination – whether of the heart or drive for material gains – it’s all up to you. Daunting yes. Black and white truth, to be sure. ‘Some Hard Advice’ is the band’s 3rd single.

BEAKIN – Momentary

An artist, through and through, BEAKIN, makes a run for it with his heart in ‘Momentary’. “I wrote this trying to capture the feeling being lost and without a home,” BEAKIN stated. If not in physical form, often more than not, we all have those times when we’re lost emotionally. And like a cruel joke by the Universe, we are conscious of this malady, however, our brains/ our hearts, can’t seem to know why we’re being so limited. Than at that moment, we’re lost, indeed. ‘Momentary’ is a delicious single with crisp drums and new-wave like sensibilities, drenched in a honey-like spacial panacea for hope, an maybe a future harmony. Glorious.

H.Grimace – She’s In a State

H.GRIMACE is grace. ‘Grace’ in that they make attractive music, very accessible. ‘Attractive’ music can be pretentious. Add to that, is that ‘attractive’ single is sprayed with a dash of ‘uncaring’ or ‘dishonesty’, it’s very obvious. H.GRIMACE never had that aura. And continuing on in their journey as a band, the slightest hint of not being just an ‘attractive’ makers of ‘attractive’ singles, never was in the radar. We hoped that it never would. A perfect example is of ‘She’s In A State’. The guitar driven, indie single, exudes confidence, as it mauls your into a state of understanding. And meanwhile, the oddity that delivers in the bridge, get you just ‘amped up’, you realize in that moment that you’re not in Kansas any longer. The food tastes different, your sex life is brighter, and the air tastes more refreshing. ‘Grace’ indeed. Also, don’t mind this babble, and just look out for the 7″ release from this fab London quartet. Word.


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