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Sure Sure Shares ‘Lie Lie Lie’. “1.9% APR On That New Sense Of Musical Taste.”

Earworm melodies. Heck, they are infectious, and dang it – can’t run away from them. And why would you, when SURE SURE is bringing you deliciousness in song through ‘Lie Lie Lie’?? You don’t. Don’t run. If you do you’ll get shin-sprints. And you know that’s not good for your relationship with Amanda. You know what we mean.

Anywho, the ‘beach’ feel of SURE SURE is apparent. And when you add the nonchalant forever ‘Summer’ feel it’s just a ‘death sentence’ for your brain. Well, to be specific, not literally ‘death’. Nature has to skip you for a while when you’re listening to ‘Lie Lie Lie’. So, we recommend you keep listening.

Then dance to the bridge.

Then chant the chorus.

But don’t lie. Don’t lie to yourself that this song isn’t getting to you.

Be honest to yourself.

Your inhibitions deserve the best. 1.9% APR on that new sense of musical taste.

Heck yea (for well qualified customers though) =D

Just kidding.

Dig this Los Angeles originating indie band. Dig it.



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