Sureilla ‘Sinking Feeling’ : Revelry upon the dregs of nonchalant feelings of guilt and remorse.


Sinking Feeling is an upcoming single from Sureilla (aka singer, songwriter, and award-winning Canadian actor Allie MacDonald). A step away from her usual acoustic folk, she takes her introspective lyrics and emotional honesty with her into the pop world.

She released her first EP, ‘Thank You’ in December 2016. The title track received radio play, garnished positive feedback from listeners and prompted Allie to put together a band for a series of intimate performances around Toronto over the following months. After moving to Los Angeles in 2018, Allie released her follow up EP, If ‘I Could Go Back’.

Revelry upon the dregs of nonchalant feelings of guilt and remorse. A step here and there, for the prosperity that was promised. An enduring circumspect lather of emotional heft and injustice of heart’s soul incumbent. A lyrical summation of do’s and don’ts rhythmically gather the forces for examination and external action in ‘Sinking Feeling’.

The raw acoustic render, settles scores, in the most private of moves.

Like a poet of vibes, Sureilla’s images of the past, lingers in an ever existing fight for sanity in love.

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Sinking Feeling out today

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