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Surf Cassette Shares ‘Like a Drug’. Bring The Long Board. Bring The Girls. Let’s Party.

Stationed in California, the beach was an attraction that was undeniable. There’s magic in those rolling roads next to the Pacific Ocean. The girls are tan, the waves are beautiful, and the sunsets ARE glorious as they are depicted. It’s a time in space that you can’t forget. It’s a place that is ethereal in nature, and at the same time a physical plane of existence that we think everyone should get to feel, at least once.

Through SURF CASSETTE we think it’s a feeling that we all can experience the salty air of California. The trio from Milan, Italy sets the tone perfectly in this Surf-Pop-Rock reminiscent of the 50’s rock n’ roll you know from the States. It’s fresh and exciting, and you just want to make a beach party for ALL to come and party.

Fun is the key for Dario Dell’Aversana, Luca Brunelli, and Filippo Colombo.

And we dig that, a lot.

Rock on.



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