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Surf Thugs Share ‘Big Cousins’ (Official Video) Off Of Latest EP ‘Just Sad’.

Surf Thugs makes us happy. They simply do. Especially with ‘Big Cousins’, the single from their latest EP ‘Just Sad’. In addition, the combination of the video for the single, crops us into that little smirk of a joyous world that we can call home.

It’s a call to arms, really. The single, we mean.

Let the world be what it really is, then you make it your own, be a bit ‘crazy’, then say ‘Fu*k It’. That can release you to be just YOU. You, the person whom you sometimes hate, sometimes love, and sometimes a sack of water which you never wanted to know in the first place.

But you’re stuck.

You’re stuck with yourself.

No matter how much you cry, or complain.

Go ahead, however, and let it ALL out. It’s good for you. Remember, you’re stuck behind your folds of skin. You’re stuck with who you are. You’re stuck with the friends you have come to know. You’re stuck with the enemies you’ve made in the course of events.

So. Fu*k it.

Be free.

Be brave.

You WILL BE brave.

Let’s get happier!

Respect for what’s real ‘love’ sometimes comes from some folks playing some instruments. That’s exactly what Surf Thugs is, and will be for the foreseeable future.

We’re really glad that is the truth.

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