susan ‘wild time’ : A corner, bleeding in white petals of lust and inquisition; of knowledge and patience.

susan / Photo: Anna Komitska

Decadent act, susan, serves up ‘wild time’. The experimental electro pop artist, shows emotions and thoughts in the most overpowering of ways.

“‘Wild time’ is a track that happened really quickly as it was on a subject that made sense to my brain,” said susan. “It’s essentially highlighting how even though I live a life that I’m proud of, the grass wasn’t always greener on the side that I got to. I want people to know its ok to feel lost; to want something else even though you look like you have the world. I worked closely with a friend of mine, James Casperr, to produce the track.”

The melancholic lyrical woes are transformed into an archive of hope and surreal daydreaming. Sinister electronica loops and guitar riffs encapsulating poetic singing, kaleidoscopic dissonant noises and abstract vocal melodies.

Continued susan: “The instrumental was done so organically, that quickly the lyrics just fell into place. We used the phrase “I’m looking for a Wild Time” to almost take the piss out of wanting more, we don’t want something good – we want it wild. I knew there was a ‘sorrowful glamour’ energy that ran through the whole track so the visual for this song had to be dark and mysterious and of course full of glamour. I asked my friends at Art School to borrow one of their glitter slip dresses to use in the video. Something about wearing such a glamorous dress for such a sombre visual was really beautiful to me.”

Ultra pop grit is what susan represents. Of what the project offers, it offer the owner and the world, a new churn of sanity and vigilance. A thousand year old, prophesy, relegated into the unmistakable corner is susan. A corner, bleeding in white petals of lust and inquisition; of knowledge and patience.


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