Suspect Ed ‘First Class’ : Effervescent charge of warmth and vibes.

Suspect Ed

‘First Class’ is a song for and of inspiration. From the melodic chorus, anthemic and strong, delivers with the nostalgic vibes that is so very cool.

Said the group: “We were inspired to write this when our producer Drew Kapner told us about a trip he went on and traveled First Class. We were all excited and got inspired to write a song about it.”

“Pop, Hip-Hop, and Reggae” comes to play, as the group indicated. And with the effervescent charge of warmth and vibes, ‘First Class’ is a throwback that is oh-so-now.

The six Los Angeles natives amplify their musical backgrounds and influences lyrical and whimsy, while amenities of Southern California-ness, dangle for all to feel and hear.


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