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Suzi Wu – Taken Care Of

Suzi Wu now comes out and throws down her latest Taken Care Of, and as usual, we love the whimsy she brings to her notes and songs. Taken Care Of isn’t different and communicates the characteristics we expect from Suzi.

We’d featured her on our Instagram account couple of months ago, and we were very interested and inquisitive about her and her song motives. Her style is bit of a throw-back and 90’s feel – or something close to it. Suzi a ball of attitude (at least that’s how she’s trying to build up, as her stage persona), and fits surely well with her wit in the songs.

Taken Care Of is indie and it’s monotone, quote-unquote. But the design is elegant in its simplicity and directness. At the same time, her vocal delivery is honest-enough with the message, and is quite forceful at times – with a pinch of passive-aggressive tendencies.

Kudos Suzi. Will look for more in your next iteration.



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