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Swamp Music Players // Plinth // Nikita Afonso // Saachi // Son of Dave

Swamp Music Players – Scared To Love

“Scared To Love is really about the mystery of men. They act so tough, so strong in life, but so many are truly “Scared To Love,” said featured songwriter and vocalist Laura Jacobs. Born out of this SWAMP MUSIC PLAYERS, a ‘retro-futuristic’ music collective which is a delightful concept in music construction and band philosophy, Laura brings a nostalgic and calm-delight to an interesting single ‘Scared To Love’ with the collective founded in 2010. Continued Laura: It’s a little hypocritical isn’t it, but I think something so many women struggle with understanding about men. Getting a man to love and open up is no easy feat!”

Plinth – Love

PLINTH was formed in 2017. And as the Bergen, Norway based rock band, drive that axe of soaring vocals and grinding riffs, you’re kept in the loop, of sanity. Get up, and rock out. You can do it. Markus Rocknrolla Nødtvedt, Sindre Fauskanger, Stefan Roke and Eirik Johan Nilsen, they make up this straight shooting rock surprise, as they cast away your norms and stress away. Live performance? Heck yea.

Nikita Afonso – Holy My Heart

NIKITA AFONSO loves music. She loves pushing her pop-framed folk offerings for the public to feel, and absorb. With delightful vocal attention, the talented singer/songwriter has been garnering accolades from MTV to the International Portuguese Music Awards, with plenty of Canadian awards as well. There’s something to Nikita’s contemporary singles, that seems to be dipped in a classic charm that is hard to replicate. Looking forward to more in the months to come.

Saachi – The Rockstar Business

Jazz and pop are delightfully combined, as a hard-rock attitude is injected in ‘The Rockstar Business’. The London based band tells stories with a dramatic flair, with guitars and songs, intertwining to spearhead into an interesting space. The vocals of Saachi Sen, of course is the center focus, as her hard working attitude in expressing her words, deviate our minds to a form of inquisitive salinity that is unique. “This song is about not following your dreams,” the band stated. Bass, horns, guitars, SAACHI – combining contrasts, to make it choral and full of life.

Son of Dave – Another Man Down

SON OF DAVE is a knife. A twisted object that slices, and decapitates. Blues injected, dipped in gold, ‘Another Man Down’ slaps you to high-Everest and then rolls you down to the base, while you’r in your undies. Naked, raw, fantastic – the single is a fantastic way to start any rigorous activity in your office, work, activity. SOD knows you. More than you think. The one man London based artist is the harmonica/beat-box extravaganza, and you know you want more. Don’t let the door hit you in your behind. But let it. You might like it. Let SON OF DAVE, assist you in your quest.


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