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Swampmeat Family Band shares ‘Needle & Thread’ from upcoming new album, ‘Too Many Things to Hide’.

Swampmeat Family Band shares ‘Needle & Thread’, a very folk adaptation and pleasant presentation of their musical sensibilities. It’s very country (slide guitar), it’s folk, and very much Dillon-esque. The pop-culture folk song is endearing and easy to access, easy to hug, easy to hum to.

The track is a a testament to feelings, devotions, trust, dis-trust, reversal, engagement. “Get your act together, and let me learn to know you, the way I thought you were. But if you don’t, see what happens.”

The anthemic verses, comes home and sticks to the refrigerator door – reminding you what the days can entail.

We at CHF love folk/folk-ish songs, for the complexity and potential attempt at access to honesty.

Hope you can feel it in this song.

‘Too Many Things To Hide’ drops March 23rd.

The Swampmeat gang is rep’ed by PNKSLM.



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