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Swim Shares ‘Dive’. “The Genesis – Of What’s To Become And To Destroy.

Sitting at the bar of the house that the parents built, there was a premonition of which it couldn’t be swept to the side. The visions of malcontent and malicious detrimental callings, widened my mind in that sacred moment – a second – or was it hours? Up in the ceiling, the call to white paint, dissolving longitudes in manic dissertations; in the mind’s eye, that cannot be understood.

Until the spout – the right spout – of life and meaning coalesce into the planetesimals of the heart, beat for the beginning – the genesis – of what’s to become and to destroy.

Bomb that notion, like air strikes into that cave of assaults – rendering righteousness and personal karma – written for the self, and only unfolded for the one audience member.

Sit there at the bar, down town district, with the bartender of professional smiles and small talk. Let it be known of where you’ve been. Where you’d wanted to go. And back to now.

Back to now.

Back to now.

Forever confused. At the same time of epiphany.

SWIM is Sean, and he’s 18 years old and ready to continue his thing into his college years. His musical sensibilities are there and we think he’s about to make a several member band, to extend his sonic horizons.

Kudos. Looking forward to your progress, Sean.



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