SWIMM ‘Feel Better’ : It is ok for her to slow down. Do what feels good in challenging times.


The track offers solace and hope to a young LA woman who has fallen victim to “the cliches of men in Hollywood taking advantage of starry-eyed transplants for the first time” as vocalist, Chris Hess (a.k.a Cookie), puts it. The song’s protagonist let’s his friend know it is ok for her to slow down and do what she needs to do to feel good.

For the video, the band has composed a moment that offers solace on an isolated beach: Gentle break, sandy beach, towering bluffs along the Pacific… something we can all use in a tumultuous 2020.

It’s a visual that embodies the make-shift moniker of “For the moment, I feel better” on which the song’s reassuring chorus is built.


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