Swine Tax Shares Fast Moving Punk Kaleidoscope Of A Single ‘Tory Water’.

Swine Tax is an indie-rock band that combines (at least in this latest single ‘Tory Water’) punk vocal coloring, with the raw guitar attitude of an Iggy Pop (particularly on ‘Lust For Life’). Not exactly the same but you get the point. The ‘essence’ is there and it’s refreshing to listen to.

Especially when doing day-to-day mundane and banal things like: the laundry (must be done), the dishes (why do we have so many dinner ware?), taking the dog out for a walk (dang pooping), or shopping for the ring to end all rings (do I love her ‘that’ much?).

Anywho, the trio Newcastle Upon Tyne based band just formed last year (2017) and seems to have that edge that we’re looking for.

The band consists of: Vince Lisle (vocals, guitar), Tom Kelly (vocals, bass) and Charlie Radford (drums), and the abrasiveness is what drives them, trying their best to tickle our hidden passions of social infidelities.

Although they seem to be trying to find their ‘sound’, one thing’s for sure, ‘Tory Water’ defines them for us here at CHF. And we do hope they keep to this vein of musical raw extravagance. For this road is more fun, entertaining, and certainly exciting. But that’s just only our opinion.

Kudos, guys. Looking forward to what your next months and years will be.


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