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SWOLL – Shudder to Think

Baltimore-based band, SWOLL began releasing music last year (2018) before playing any shows. Matt Dowling (the EFFECTS, Deleted Scenes, Paperhaus) and Ben Schurr (Br’er, Luna Honey) bring this viscerally decadent vibes that are understatedly animalistic. We return back to a time of instincts that we’d forgotten through time and space, on this very earth, we live. ‘Shudder To Think’ is a mixture of multiple genres, framed in the delicious drum/bass/EDM hallmarks, but stridently embedded in the soul of rock and pop driven electro crafts. Matt added: “I felt like what Ben was doing with the Blight Collective was a really good fit with the direction of my songs, and once we started tracking, everything just snapped in place. Even though singing felt super weird to me, the momentum allowed me to get over that and just use my voice as my new weapon.” Zak Forrest (lights) is the third member of the band, as Matt put it: “I’ve never been in a situation where the music was made first and the live element was second. That sequence was frustrating for me initially, but it also gave me the space to think about presentation way more so than I ever have. And Zak’s my not-so-secret weapon for the live presentation. I think of him as a bandmate.” We think that is gloriously forward thinking.

Neon Guava – Skeleton

“This is a song I wrote, composed, and recorded obviously lol. It’s about not letting that person that means so much to you go, blessings come and go and we all will die eventually so why waste time and live life without that blessing. And with spooky season around the corner and a title of ‘Skeleton’, I thought it was a great time to release – though the song is far from spooky.” The affable attitude and personality exuded through NEON GUAVA (Giancarlo Minotti) is something to absorb. He is from Houston, Texas, 20 years old, makes music in his bedroom, self taught, has a 9-5 day job in account receivables. And of course, he bring his effervescence towards life and the future. As far as he can muster, what he’d imagine it to be. Just like all of us, he’s doing the best he can and aiming high as he can. His music is that. And that sentiment, makes it very comfortable. Let’s see where Giancarlo gets to land. We think it’ll be in a fabulous place where ever he lands.

Rebounder – Slow Angel

“I was the designer behind the viral t shirt “I Met God, She’s Black”, got Drake and Cara Delevingne to wear it, got it in Colette, then stopped making shirts. Idk, I go to lot of parties so I always look tired but I’m sober..I play every instrument! Drummed for yeek. I’m obessed with the show gossip girl.” That’s Dylan Chenfeld and he’s the mind behind this project, REBOUNDER. The project is charming. It’s sophisticated, with that “I’m not really trying” flavor. The NYC native keeps it strictly his thing and makes a gourmet dinner out of this kind lo-fi but decadently pop-rock offering of ‘Slow Angel’. It’s danceable, it’s singable, it’s that nice afternoon with friends, drinking on the roof, chatting and having fun on a Sunday lazy afternoon in Brooklyn somewhere. Cool stuff. Dylan added, the song is “like getting dressed for a new orleans funeral, but the funeral is for a relationship. It hasn’t set in yet that its ending, but you are prepping for the party. Good times ahead..dancing with strangers.” Always is.

Back of House – Take a Bulleit

Niklas Bäckman is the man and chef behind BACK OF HOUSE. As he puts it: “All BACK OF HOUSE songs are about food and the food industry. This one is what happens when the restaurant kitchen is cleaned down and closed and the chefs winds down and have at it.” Wha?!? You kidding me?? Yes. Serious as a heart attack. ‘Take A Bulleit’ is about suffering, revealing, taunting, making fun of this world, in a microcosm of punk and rock. What else could be better?? Maybe a juicy 1/4 pound double-deck hamburger?? BACK OF HOUSE says “You got it, bro!’ Friendships, and loyalties are the crux and the anthemic rock is perfect for that day-to-day. And brunch.

Fime – Jerk Practice

Glory to the tops of the peaks hidden in the emotions of the heart, partly broken and partly driven. FIME is an LA based band with Beto Brakmo, Chase Cook and Maxine Garcia. Their sound pulls inspiration from 90s alternative rock from Yo La Tengo and Pavement to Weezer. Their new EP was produced and recorded by Melina Duterte of Jay Som and is expected everywhere October 11th, 2019. We’d said of FIME prior: “Slay the formidable palisades of this world. The monsters of everyday tragedies, and gripping degradations of the personal and the meandering, lie side by side, as the blood of slain relationships dot the hemisphere.” So true. So true. Dig FIME and you’re all good.


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