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SYDNEYDANGER Shares ‘Chasers’. “You Have It Hard. Don’t Get Down. Sing.”

There’s nothing better than hearing from the man himself on ‘Chasers’.

“Nobody says the road is easy, I’m feeling dizzy, but gotta move my feet, I need to feel I m fearless, like a jungle prince, with nipples pink and cold head… I’m tired of these people , a lot of faces chase me through the night, some of them may not like me, think I’m a lier, I don’t know how to lie…At night, I’ll let them soak into me with wine, I’ll chase it with vodka, then ill chase the vodka with wine, I’ll let them burn me down inside. I’ll chase it with vodka, then I’ll chase the vodka with wine… I’m fine, I’m fine… I’ll let them burn me inside… I’ll chase it with vodka then I’ll chase the vodka with wine…I’m starving and I do on purpose, I vomit doughnut, It seems to be OK, I’m hanging out with gargoyles, bending for the coins, mascara is on my lips…”

That was the lyrics to this single.

It’s glorious.

Nuff said.



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