Sylis Ander ‘G.o.d.’ : Of a personal battle and a personal victory.

Sylis Ander

‘Graphite or diamond’ (G.o.d) refers to two drastically different materials that are derived from the exact same element – carbon. Depending on how you look at it, some may say one has more value than the other.

Solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Sylis Ander illustrate how human suffering and insight are intimately connected – despite their appearance.

G.o.d. captures the moment when all that began to change for Ander as he was fitted with hearing aids for the very first time and two worlds collided – one in which he realized the extent of his hearing loss and another where he was hearing the world with life-changing clarity.

With a bouncy attitude for hope and for the future, SA takes a meaningful route to put down into musical history, of a personal battle and a personal victory.


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