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SYML Shares ‘Meant To Stay Hid’. “Another gem.”

Brian Fennell is SYML, and in the follow up to his self titled debut album, ‘Meant To Stay Hid’ is another gem for the win column.

For his single ‘Wildfire’ we’d sated: “It’s a beautifully tailored pop addition”. For ‘The Bird’ we’d called it: “Sultry and articulate in emotional appeals, the vocals turn from the majestic, as its hue shape-shifts from Jeff Buckley-esque grandeur.” For ‘Clean Eyes’: “Submerged in the chaos of life, there exists an oasis that helps you recuperate.” And his piece-de-resistance ‘Connor’: “The uber-talented artist hits all of the right waves of expressions in his music.”

You can say we’d been a fan and kinda enamored by the Seattle based artist.

Time after time, he’d pulled off amazing circulations in emotions. And with his delicate acuteness in expressing them through song, there’s no wonder.

“’Meant To Stay Hid’ is a personal song about loss. It’s that tangible and uncomfortable whole-body feeling that someone is gone,” said Brian. “It’s the reality that our memory of them will fade and change. But it’s also the beautiful, yet unreasonable, hope that we will be with them again. For whatever dark reason, I often imagine losing those closest to me. However, I don’t live in constant fear of losing them. Writing about it helps me to love them more deeply while we share this short time together. For me, this song sounds like what it feels like when I hold back tears. It’s almost soothing, but without any actual release.”

Brian’s going to be on tour in Europe starting in September 11, in Vienna Austria @ Grelle Forelle.



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