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SYML Shares ‘The Bird’. “Just Gorgeous.” Debut Album Drops May 3rd.

Brian Fennell is Seattle based artist and producer SYML. And he makes beautiful and ethereal music, that fulfills their missions of touching the part of you that you’d never thought existed.

Sultry and articulate in emotional appeals, the vocals turn from the majestic, as its hue shape-shifts from Jeff Buckley-esque grandeur. While it transforms and heaves in ecstatic purposeful electronica, the weathers change and shape the outcomes of those that pretend to be.

The latter half of the single ‘The Bird’ is a cinematic exorcism, as it starts to cascade abhorrent amounts of decadence from the heavens above. The single climaxes to a haunting prelude and collapses in the house that you’d built, empty, vapid – an opportunity to fill it with joy, once more.

“Trying to love or even understand someone with all of their beautiful flaws and intricacies, while we cope with our own, is not easy,” Brian stated. “It is as delicate and cold as it is proud and belligerent. ‘The Bird’ represents this surreal dance. If we are too gentle, it might get away. But if we hold on too tight, we might suffocate it.”

His debut album will drop May 3rd.




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