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SYNK Shares ‘Out of the Storm’. “Everlasting. Victory, One Rung At A Time.”

Distinctive marks are etched into our hearts, of sorrow, of hate, of happiness. These are the basic clauses, we deem ourselves relevant. Innately petulant, the immersed dynamics of the ringing waves, crash over our high ceiling cliffs.

Limited by the over-arching decadence, in part. We strive to better, with one leg anchored to the roots of our past. Pulling, pushing, becoming harder to instill, coping with the downtrodden magnificence of the day, overwhelmed and underserved.

The storm on the horizon, off the coast of You. The ominous cantankerous heaves of breasts, short of breath and short of ideas. The storm is an outside force. But always, with strength of nurture, it can be convinced, corralled, managed.

SYNK’s debut single is ‘Out Of The Storm’. It’s a beautiful rendition of thought and circumstances, often and seemingly in the past, but cropping up again and again in the near future. The ballad is sung poignantly, with just enough effects, in the effort in telling the story.

That everlasting story, of repressions, then triumph. Victory, one rung, at a time.


Take a listen to this fab single from this fab Dublin located band.



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