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Syntax Club Shares ‘Dashboard Picture’. “Keeps you in good company.”

Off of their latest LP ‘Here, There, and in My Dreams’, SYNTAX CLUB brings another swooping single of a story in a life. The complex thought process that is SYNTAX CLUB, digs deep with their full claws of intellectual honesty in human affairs, both internal and external. The band deviates to no undecided curb of abstraction, as the focus of it all is to tell a beautiful story, of a seemingly banal even, in a majestic style and dedication.

‘Dashboard Picture’ is a song accompaniment to a short story: “In a time of serious drought, Mother Nature culminated Greg Sagenski’s final hour of driving with a downpour of rain. The curvature of the winding roads nestled a comforting peace within Greg’s spirit, supplemented by the sight of San Francisco’s city lights, drifting in and out of the front windshield view. Mind set on reaching home, his wife Clair, and daughter Kimmy, Greg called the house to precede his later-than-usual arrival. The trailer restocking process took longer than expected today. But then again, each drive felt longer than expected when missing home, Greg thought. The vibrant ringing abruptly ended, and a familiar voice echoed a “hello” through the stereo. “Clair, I’m almost home.”

The Ohio originating band loves the fundamental musical foundations of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. And in 2016, Dan Valencia and Lane Castleberry joined forces to form what the band is today, adapting the name SYNTAX CLUB in 2017.

The band consists of: Daniel Valencia, Lane Castleberry, Jarris Kentle, Joshua Midgley, and Jonathan Scott.

They form a backbone of consistency and voluptuous story telling that is something to witness and experience.

The delicate shimmer stays with you as the songs, one by one, keep you in good company.



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