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Synth-Pop Grandeur. Hannah Scott Shares Single ‘Signs Of Life’. There’s Always A Chance.

Take to heart, hark, lights afire in those chests of warriors within. We take that flicker, in the chance of possibilities and cries for a second chapter. We cry. We laugh. We are frightened. But we go on, and forward. There’s only one way to survive. We can do it together.

Hannah Scott’s Grand Canyon-esque anthemic scream for our emotional states, is a beautifully laid out claim at the world. To you. To us. To all of us. The world is within our reach, it seems, when Hannah’s presenting her case in her songs.

Gives us shivers.

A product of hard equities, Hannah’s enduring a recent diagnosis of a form of arthritis came together with her musical counterpart, Stefano. And together they are surging ahead in the efforts to make music.

The duo will release ‘Pieces Of The Night’ later this year. The collection will consist of live elements with electronica and tight production.

Hannah’s a beautiful singer with a voice that is gentle, empathetic, unassuming, bashful, but secure & confident. And this is evident in her live setting performances (see past year live sessions). It’s evident that she’s got the bit between her teeth for a long time and it’s time to go to another level.

We think she can. For sure.

She must.

We’re fans.

Kudos, Hannah/Stefano. Kudos.



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