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T. Thomason – PLEASURE

A veteran of the industry at 24 years of age, a full decade has passed and T. THOMASON is the strongest yet. With multiple awards and full list of appearances on Canadian television shows, the pop artist from the north has it going on with dynamic pop elements and ‘work to live’ mentality that just oozes out of his songs. In his single ‘Pleasure’ continues his direction of offering visions of smooth and contentious vibes with the tall order of radiance in heart, that his audience demands. See him next at 2019 Stan Rogers Folk Festival on July 25th in Nova Scotia.

Ida Vallens – Mt. Whitney Motel

IDA VALLENS is darkness packed in neon lights. IDA VALLENS is a singer/songwriter who dwell in the after-life of days gone by, without sticking around too long. IDA VALLENS seduces with one hand on the left, and affection in touch over your right shoulder. Visceral in manifestation comes to mind, as the oddly attractive visions of the gray turns into night with ‘Mt. Whitneey Motel’. A song that is a walk between limbo and another plateau in grieving heart. Somber, mosaic, reluctant, abhorrent – the song is a mix of cocktails, dipped in alternative pop juices that clings with vigor and excoriating pain. What a ride. Ida stated: “[‘Mt. Whitney Motel’] is the story of an unidentified sex worker who has been murdered in her motel room. The song is about unsolved disappearances and homicides involving sex workers and Jane Does who are seen as less worthy of a real investigation. MtWhitney Motel is about exploring the mind of the Jane Doe and the story behind her rather than focusing on the actual murder: her struggles with addiction, domestic abuse and her feelings of hopelessness.” Told you.

tyler lawrence – back to u

Follow Tyler Lawrence’s single ‘Back To U’ and you hear the natural falsetto of his voice to a vivid land of sugar and spice. The idilic existence of a perfect paradise forms effortlessly within the vocals of Tyler, and it effect every word that comes forthwith. Tyler stated: “Old idea I had from years ago, started reworking it a few months ago and turned into a summer jam..” He’s right. It is a summer pop vibe that is boppy and easily can be a beautiful companion to a lasting relationship with the one you’re diggin’. And that is the point of this single. It’s straight forward, pop that just works with its dramatic drops and build. At the same time, it lacks the gaudiness that can plague some of Tyler’s contemporaries, which is a good thing, if you don’t know. Keep on dacin’ right? Heck yes.

Elijah Blond – Say Sumn

vancouver singer/songwriter ELIJAH BLOND is here to stay. Taking r&b/hiphop elements to make it his own, the genre bending style of Elijah’s outputs, take suppleness to new heights as the single ‘Say Sumn’ melts your ice-cream. Yum. Debuting in 2018 with ‘Whispers’, the talented artist brings much to the table of north-west Canadian music scene. Full of vigor and innovation, Elijah keeps on working to bring excitement to the craft. Smooth melodies, lyrical excellence, and emotional connection to his work and direction, Elijah should be a part of your rotation.

Deportees – Time Is The Tiger

Swedish Grammy Award-winning indie trio Deportees will be dropping their new album come this Autumn. It’s been a while since their previous album ‘Big Sleep’ dropped back in 2015. The upcoming album is an anticipated activity for many a lovers of fab music. “‘Re-dreaming’ is a loving assault on the feeling of a lost future. Not because it’s necessarily a false prophecy, but because it’s a dangerous one,” lead vocalist Peder Stenberg stated: ”Great music always harbors a promise of something more than simply enduring life. In its depiction of an attempted getaway – with time as the predator snapping at the heels – Time Is The Tiger is an ode to that promise”. Beautifully described, indeed.


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