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Illanoiz // T14 The Rapper // Fernandez Live // Pupils of the Clock // Icy Melz

Illanoiz – Down

Aggression, instigation, grounded with self-awareness. ILLANOIZ knows who he is, what he was, and what he wants to be. The world is his oyster, to be cliche. But the truth of the matter, is that ILLANOIZ (Parix Arias) is a product of Bedstuy, Brooklyn, and has never stopped being what he knew he always could be. The machine gun accuracy of his rapping style is demonstrated to full effect in ‘Down’. And in the accompanying music video, ILLANOIZ and his crew’s sense of humor and humanity is shown, with charming effect. There’s no going back for this fab artist. He’d made his mind up about the game since he was 13 years old. It’s all or nothing, and he’s proving it with every single.

T14 The Rapper – On My Own

T14 THE RAPPER is Branden Tahmaseb-nejade. After college, he worked a desk job. Then one day, all of the frustrations of having a desk job, burst. He sought a career in music, and in becoming a rapper. With interesting and unique timing intervals, T14 takes his natural inclinations, and accentuates his strength and drive his points home. ‘On My Own’ is an anthem to the heart. His, yours, all of us. The culmination coincides T14’s personal journey of discovery, knowledge, and what means to be a craftsman. He’s currently working with Grammy-nominated trap producer Sawty Redd (Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, and Gucci Mane). Las Vegas today. The World, tomorrow.

Fernandez Live – Word

Baltimore raised FERNANDEZ LIVE gives it straight, with his single ‘Word’. Produced by the artist and his OBAAH team, the single is a reminder of street struggles, made worse by normal brutalities of institutions made to protect all. Hatred, violence, irrelevance, and social invisibility is ‘Word’, and Fernandez Live’s distinct way of delivering worlds in a phrase, makes it poignant and tactile.

Pupils of the Clock – D.M.T

“Live performance is imperative because it gifts us the opportunity to connect with our fans on a deeper level,” emphasized PUPILS OF THE CLOCK. “Also, even since recording the album last year we have developed massively as artists and our stage show allows us to share our growth with our fanbase.” Growth is a fact of life. Grow or just starve. That’s a fact, for sure. And when south-west rap duo Lazy Eyez and Tok (combining to make PUPILS OF THE CLOCK), rap, they bring the full weight of the subject with truly extravagant lyrical rhymes and poetry. The project is an underground emotional hiphop excellence. The picture-scape painted by the duo, comes at you hard and with ambitious atonements to the craft. Talent abounds in these two.

Icy Melz – Things We Don’t Say (prod. IOF)

ICY MELZ will hurt you. Guaranteed. Through his single ‘Things We Don’t Say’ is a recluse of a song that pumps love onto the relative mis-understandings of relationships. Without resuscitation, they are bound to disappear from the unmistakable scent of a dying breed. A love that never had been, or should have been let to exist. But we go on. Maybe repeat the same mistakes here and there. It’s the silence of any relationship that hurts most – cuts deepest – kills quickest. ICY MELZ’s 2nd song, this single is off of a Winnipeg based 23 year old producer. With singles like this, we’re confident of his ingenuity, self-sacrifice, drive and musical ambitions. Let’s find out.


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