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Taali Shares Beautifully Textured Single ‘Los Angeles’. “She has asked the question. Will you answer?”

Singer/songwriter Taali’s coming out and releasing her debut full length album ‘I Am Here’ on March 22nd. And on that day the gray skies could part. In this darkening east-coast winter, we seek out flakes of golden glimmers from artists who have been there and had asked the right questions in their journeys.

And in that moment of confounding clarity, a song like ‘Los Angeles’ encapsulates the often neglected and shunned emotional angst we feel in tackling an unknown. Within this singular and cinematic single, Taali’s beautifully laid and textured lyrics, shine as a beacon, slicing through that personal darkness, un-vailing with a chance at a better outlook for the world.

“In the winter of 2017 I moved to Los Angeles and it rained almost daily. For the first time in a decade, L.A. bloomed. And as the barren mountains flowered, I realized I could do the same,” says Taali. “I put aside my deep, frantic need for external validation, and replaced it with a budding inner strength.”

Taali’s reflection on life is etched into the music video, correctly invoking the hidden, inner strength to survive and thrive, within unfamiliar walls. Directed by Madelyn Deutch, the music video is a goodbye to the physical of a chapter in a life, and the virtual turning of the pages, in a promise to the self – that it will be alright – that it’s okay to take a ‘bet’ on yourself.

Escape from the norm, and the familiar, can open up chests of exciting new prospects.

Can they be accepted and nurtured?

Taali asks that question. Will you answer?



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