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Table Tennis Dreamer // Lone Wild // SAVEN // Frydstads Markiser // Elodie Rêverie

Table Tennis Dreamer – We Will Understand

TABLE TENNIS DREAMER stated: “I spent last summer writing and traveling, demoing ideas from a studio setup in my van. This is the first release from those sessions, dealing with themes of personal change and growth.” A kind of warmth exudes through the vibrations of his chords, in ‘We Will Understand’. Not quite apples to apples, but it is a combination of Boy George’s and David Byrne’s empathy that comes through in this single. A slight of hand, and a caressing touch on your cheek. Delicate. Welcoming. Exciting. All-absorbing. It is that gaze in which she looks at you. It is his in-depth hug that gives confidence for the future. John Waldo Wittenmyer is the mind behind the story, and the accomplished producer derives from the ethers, putting the feelings onto clean slates for all of us to ponder. His journey continues. Currently he’s on an east coast tour.

Lone Wild – Why Do I Hide?

The indie alternative band LONE WILD comes back with another banger, as they kick the anthem out of you. You bleed with joy, and exhume the weathered sartorialist in you and show what you always wanted. Don’t hide. Don’t be what you’re not. Be what you want. The undeniable tragedy that is called life gets in the way. Relationships of regret mount and mount. With fat bass to hold, the classic arrangements of the updated modern prog-rock-esque reverence keeps this single at the bay of your mind and heart. The vibe and shimmer continues as the guitar bridge, makes its stadium sized amazement towards the sky. The clouds part, as the jam of how it should be continues to reveal itself in ‘Why Do I Hide?’.

SAVEN – I Love The Attention

Cheeky lyrics of SAVEN is a delightful indie-rock vision into what social commentary could be. A gentle slap in the face, the single is a charming ride down that river of dance and tort grievances, relative and profound. It’s about human beings and human pack behavior, ain’t it? “The lyrics critique the self-oriented values that most media channels currently glorify, while simultaneously admitting to the guilty pleasure that the attention gives. Hypocrite? You decide.” We sure did. ‘I Love The Attention’ is the beat driven, chant encouraging, surf-rock pop offering that is endearing and evocative to the alternate side in all of us. Philip Savén is the driver of this project, and from this single we can safely assume he’s ready to tackle the world. No subject is out of bounds and he intends to keep it that way.

Frydstads Markiser – Skinny Kids

Story telling is what FRYDSTADS MARKISER is all about. Fiction, based-on, never-mind for Jørgen Frydstad is what you desired to be, if you wanted to scroll through the options for your upcoming future. The sun, shines as ‘Skinny Kids’ drives up your drive way for a day filled with fun and adventure. A ‘richy rich’ adventure, for ‘Skinny Kids’ is “..about the mindset of rich and powerful man” according to Jørgen. And we dig it to bits. The jangly effervescence communicate the ‘nonchalant’ hesitance of the protagonist. But at the same time the protagonist doesn’t mind how his life has ended up. You see, if you’re deeply entrenched within a certain lifestyle, you get used to it. And as programmed and nurtured as we all are, it’s hard to disagree with how we all can succumb to the vices. Blameless? No one’s blameless, but it’s about the ‘degree’ of being guilt-ridden, ain’t it? Heck, what are we talking about! Just enjoy this fabulous single from this one man band of bejeweled lyrics by FRYDSTADS MARKISER. It is a fabulous project, and we can’t wait to hear more of FM’s evolution.

Elodie Rêverie – GoldRush

Inspired by the gold rush boom of the mid-1800’s in California, ‘GoldRush’ beckons the question of ‘what if’. ‘What if’ you were chasing ‘dreams’? Will that ‘gold’ be enough of a motivator for you? Are you chasing after the right passion? Are you being ‘true’ to yourself? Hard and introspective group of questions. But artist Elodie Rêverie is all about that hard knocking, brain scrambling, and heart pounding kind of dig into her soul. After all, it is what she’s been chasing after with her music, for the Brooklyn grown musician and advocate for the passionate mindset, she makes ‘fire’ in contrasts by delivering in unique and indicative twists through her lyrics. Once upon a time in her life she learned: “To make fire out there (bow drilling) and it was the catalyst for the realization that there were other ways to release the tension within me I’d been chasing in the wrong ways; for me it was creative expression.” That gold is out there, and along the way you can make your own path made of your own happiness. There is no going back, for it is time to make it happen. “People who chase after something without any guarantee of success…” she said. “Slim chances… That’s what the song is about. In contemporary LA, there’s a bit of that going on in terms of people chasing careers in entertainment. But the song is about more than just that. I use wordplay to talk about the gold buried inside all of us. It’s about finding that metaphorical gold.” Word.


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