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Tacono Gate // Jodorowsky // Lucia Scansetti // Cowboy Killer // Josh Cashman

Tacono Gate – Burn

Tacono Gate described: “The lyrics deal with alienation, anger, and frustration of being a working person in the United States, constantly having to swallow lies and spit them back out, feeling like you’re on the outside looking in at happiness, love, or fulfillment.” Raucous and wild, Tacono Gate relieves us of our momentary burdens, as ‘Burn’ sings with grace in that rockin’ assault that is does so well. The song is an institutionalized ascension, delivers with gangster indie vibes, and punk livid vibes when TG’s vocals delight with forceful aggression. He added: “Musically, I wanted contrast these themes with the the fun energy [with the] irreverence of 90’s pop-punk… like Blink-182, Green Day, or earlier Descendents while incorporating other elements such as New Wave, 70’s Psychedelic Rock, & 90’s Alt like Pixies or Pavement.” And the survey says?? Score! Success in ‘Burn’ is a successful accounting of ripe old feelings, manifesting within the skin of the artist’ urgency of artistic expression. ‘Burn’ is a wall mounting, salutation to that glimmering vestige.

Jodorowsky – Cinema

In sleep, the mind walks as zombies desire within the tall weeds of vagueness and hunger. A gumption poured out of the depths of that volcano of emotions and undulating sliver between happiness and darkness. ‘Cinema’ is the work of a project that is raw, unencumbered and resistent to the forces of radicalism. The mind and heart, clumsily fall onto the vast array of fields upon fields. This shoegazy indie-rock amalgamation doesn’t cower at the feet of such pastoral vibes. It conquers. It rises. Against all odds and the waves of normality – it stands with us. Don’t know much about the project, but looking forward to this vast philosophy.

Lucia Scansetti – For Once

Lucia Scansetti returns with this beautiful song called ‘For Once’ first single of her upcoming album ‘Only Child’ that will come out early 2020. With ‘For Once’, a mystery of epic proportions is opened for review. Like a BBC drama, the chapters of characters, upon scenarios, and upon layers in actions, deliberate slowly to ascend into a higher notion of how we, the listening proportions, delegate with vibes of color and grit. A transient vulgarity, is seduced, beautifully with Lucia’s vocal expressions and delectably proportioned affects. With writhing anonymity, the scarred chests and dripping saltines of once cried out tears, rain down with authoritative gumption and visible signs. Crack open life, Lucia says through ‘For Once’. All experiences are of and for experiences, in kind. Live it.

Cowboy Killer – Charlemange

“This song digs into the darker portions of my personality, but the desire for a fulfilled life keeps me going.” Cowboy Killer is a project of Connor Boren. And the Chesterton, Indiana singer/songwriter and producer ripples into our psyche with ‘Charlemange’. A dapper crisp of decadent visions of the past, embroidered with the accents of the gloriously accepting future, the golden edges shine brightly in this single. The ‘coming-of-age’ vibe is purposefully in-depth and as it clashes with imbued dancing vocals of Connor, the song serenades, without even trying. Effortless appeal is where ‘Charlemange’ manages to drench the listening attention. His 2018 LP ‘Renaissance’ is available now.

Josh Cashman – When A Friend Becomes A Lover

Yep. You felt like putting on some Josh Cashman tonight. The vinyl laid softly by the needle, you take your tall glass of high-ball with a sip. You truss from the record player, and you slowly dance to the rhythm of ‘When A Friend Becomes A lover’. The living room is dark and that’s how you like it, from the long and arduous day. With good news and victory, you smile to let your hair down. As the song plays with crisp love of Josh’s vocals, the guitar licks drench your skin unadulterated vibes. You dance alone in the dark. You dance to the future conquests to come. You take another slow sip of your high-ball, as the ice clash, making that lasting ‘clink’. Tastes so good. Josh Cashman, Melbourne based singer/songwriter and musician brings 2019 to a close, in style, as he gears up for his upcoming debut album.


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