TAELA Shares ‘Bang’. “Kickin’ expression; sultry undertones.”

“’Bang’ is about recognizing the toxic things in your life (relationships, friendships, addiction, etc.), said TAELA, “and finally deciding to run from them and never look back. I think we’ve all been in a situation where we know something is bad for us but keep going back to it because it’s familiar or just feels good temporarily. My hope for this song is to encourage people to let themselves be free from that and hit the ground running!”

TAELA hails from St. Louis Missouri and shows her wares with dynamic vocals and attitude which we’d expect from the get-go.

Her vocals deliver with kickin’ expression and mixes with sultry undertones that needs your efforts to dig deeper.

Once that gold is found, the evident galactic sized talent will overwhelm you with taught fascination and inherent excitement.

Modern, sophisticated, rebellious, and delicious, you can easily drink up her goodness in full.

Dance you fool!


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