Takykardia ‘Waving’ : Alternate universe. Welcoming in all its ways while enticing rebellion of the best kind.


“I’ve always proclaimed that I’m undateable,” said Luna Matz. “I don’t wanna sip wine with a stranger and test whether or not we’re a good match. I’m a romantic and I’d love to be completely swept away. As I’ve tried it before and I’m convinced that it will happen again. At the same time I’m very restless and afraid of wasting my precious time as I’m waving goodbye to my twenties. I sure as hell wanna get married and have children – but only as a result of fiery love… and yes… I have dumped guys beforehand because of their zodiac sign, and I’m not proud of it.”

Along with keyboardist David Nedergaard and drummer Troels Dankert, the trio create the sonic foundation on which the additional talents of guitarist Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh, bassist Janus Bagh and harpist Selma Judith Trier, demonstrated time and time again, from note to note.

Luna Matz’ captivating lyrics not only narrates an intuitive and strong self assurance – it’s also a reflection of how young people navigate through romantic expectations and hopes in our time.

‘Waving’ shows Luna Matz as a lyricist out of the ordinary. An observer of life with the verbal skills to put it into words that connect with everyone »running out of their twenties« and beyond.

From here and to the beyond, the kaleidoscope of vision and pending gifts, rather uniformly drench your mind and body.

‘Waving’ is an alternate universe, welcoming in all its ways while enticing rebellion of the best kind.


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