TALEEN KALI Shares Daring Promise To You, Her, Us In Single ‘Half Lie’.

Los Angeles based Taleen Kali’s single ‘Half Lie’ tells of the the promises, dowsed in half truth lies. It’s most of the time a part of the ‘motivating’ facade which is very much necessary in most of human societies. The ‘white lies’ keep us going. They keep our associates going. They keep our world moving.

“The video for ‘Half Lie’ is all about floral femme with a punk rock edge…it expands on the theme of the song, which is about half truths we hear from others, and the lies we tell ourselves. In the video, we celebrate the journey into new truths, turning them into ceremonies.”

But it’s not as bad a news as it does, on the surface.

The counter balance is to seek knowledge, and not to get enveloped into believing all of the half lies, morphed into 100% truths. It’s a challenging system. But we humans work it that way, from our family structures to our external surviving acrobatics.

It’s no shame. Seriously.

‘Half Lie’ is the first single and video from her debut album ‘Soul Songs’ which will drop June 22nd.

She’s rep’ed by Lolipop Records.


Taleen Kali Tour Dates
06.26 – Los Angeles, CA @ Resident (Record Release show)
07.01 – New York, NY @ Pianos
07.13 Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 1 Cafe (punk covers)
8.24 Santa Cruz @ Sub Rosa Community Space
August-September Summer of Sound Tour (California)

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