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Talii // Lakelands // Amanda Vilkas // COATS // Private Agenda

Talii – Mouth

‘Mouth’ by TALII is a fun and infectious route to a sexy and distinctive travel to the stars. For when we kiss, it does seem like you’re traveling to the outer reaches of the galaxy, doesn’t it? Light headed, dizzying, automatic, delicious is what happens when the one you are into, reciprocates with the body communication that exerts exclamation. The 25 year old singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida, puts down her soulful vocals to tantalizing use in this single. Let it go. Let TALII, in.

Lakelands – One Life

LAKELANDS brings highlights to perspective in life, from the Pacific Northwest of these United States. Their challenge of bringing sudden boldness to pop singles is what they strive to do, every single. Anthems of heartfelt ‘energies’ driven on by the keys and soaring vocals, makes it a fun way to empower your own soul. And maybe even influence your besties and lovers. Cool way to live, no?

Amanda Vilkas – Hollywood Angels

“Hollywood is a sad and dark place and not as glamorous as they say it is, but I still loved living there and learned a lot”, she says about the experience. LOL. What a gal. She knows what she wants. And refreshingly, she’s not afraid to take chances and see how it goes from there. Now back in Sweden, AMANDA VILKAS brings the antidote to that experience of what Hollywood was like, through the single ‘Hollywood Angels’. It’s the lesson of learning that there are unquenchable appetites throughout this, sometimes, nasty world. It’s up to you to know your limitations, and try to exceed your perceived ceilings. You can be more. Amanada believes in that, so. We dig that. Look out for her upcoming 2-piece EP ‘Rest In Pop’ and ‘The Pop Cemetery.

COATS – I Could Be The One

COATS is ultra-talented. From love, lust, relationships, to endless froughts of daily life – the artist knows how to get to the heart of it all and communicate that in crystal form. We get it at first note. ‘I Could Be The One’ takes that philosophy in song craft, and delivers with nervous power and grace to our senses. This is the new single followup to his debut 2017 album ‘Lust, Love, the Break And The Hustle’. The haunting deliberation of his vocals is something that isn’t available for distraction. It is a point of contact, and it envelopes in great ways.

Private Agenda – Bedsheets

Just a habit that we can’t quit, PRIVATE AGENDA, has gotten into our blood and they’ve infected our musical orifices with gusto. The soulful offerings of the band is the delicious kind of caressing you and your lover gives each other on a travel through a love-tunnel. From the now, available EP ‘Affection’, it is primely okay for you to feel like you’re starting to fall in love. It’s happened to us. And it’s okay to accept that plight. As we’d mentioned, PRIVATE AGENDA has infected our blood, to the n-th degree.


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