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Talking To Sophie // Nora Rothman // Vacant Space // Kevin Scoma // Davy Era

Talking To Sophie – Brown Metal Flake Cadillac

“It all started by creating cover songs of the very first self-bought record; songs sung by the boyhood idol. Resulting versions of those songs consisted of power chords and squeaking solo action (autodidactic, of course!). Two years later the first band assembled, which would eventually also turn out to be the last.” The lead single from TALKING TO SOPHIE’s latest album ‘Oh Ridge Cabin Hymns’, a conscious tact for the small things in life are put into a vocal exercise in ‘Brown Metal Flake Cadillac’. A bit of emo, a bit of garage, the expectations for the here thereafter, is concise and direct, with sunshine at the edges.

Nora Rothman – dear / david

Singer-songwriter and activist, Nora Rothman, is renowned for her talents as a rousing songwriter whose work has drawn comparisons to artists including Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell. “It was in the middle of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, and my rage was right at the surface,” explains Rothman. “I sat down and in about thirty minutes wrote the rest of the song. I have a very dear friend who once told me the story of how she wrote a letter to her assaulter and then burned it. I decided to perform the exercise myself in the form of these lyrics: writing to an actor named David and a musician named Josh, two of a number of men from my past who need to hear these words.” ‘dear / david’ is a #MeToo song of recognition, ft. Scandal’s Katie Lowes. A call for support and of strength, the video and song is a testament to pushing the envelope – of our culture, mores, and of our individual relations in decency.

Vacant Space – Messed Up

“We came up with the riff around the same time our lead singer was fighting with his girlfriend of 6 years and almost broke up with her for reasons he later realized were insignificant and illogical. This song was inspired from the realization that he was making a huge mistake and that she is worth so much to him.” Ariel Coloma, Clayton Blake, Jacob Iskander, and Raphaela Simoes make up VACANT SPACE. And in ‘Messed Up’, it tells of a boy who made some mistakes. Series of mistakes. But heart can never hide its truth. When one becomes two, and two becomes 4, things seem to become overwhelmingly righteous. Be humble. Come down from you high horse. You’re not so perfect. We’re never perfect. So, let’s see the goodness in that person, and amplify those characteristics. It’s a benefit for you, us, all of our wroth. Let’s do dis.

Kevin Scoma – Dream in the Daytime

Kevin Scoma is a lifelong singer-songwriter and artist based in Buffalo, New York. “”Dream in the Daytime” is the first single off my debut EP Into the Weeping Sea, which will be released 10/11. The album concept was inspired by my recent spiritual awakening.” From gentle spokes of rhymes that shine down like the sunshine upon a vast ocean expanse, the vocals of Kevin Scoma resonates with billowing accents and slowly burning desire to just ‘let it be’. A folk pronouncement in music, ‘Dream In The Daytime’, connects with one eye open, as you take a long awaited nap on that white beaches of a new horizon.

Davy Era – Something Special

The debut single from Hazel English band-member Davy Era. ‘Something Special’ is a R&B influenced chill indie pop track to help close out the summer. With percussionist Liam O’Neill (also Hazel English), this wistful offering was self-recorded in Davy’s home studio in early 2019 and is the first single from his debut EP. A vibe that catches a glimmer of hope and excitement pans out to her gaze. Her beautiful hazel eyes, peering through your soul, like she was made for you from the beginning of time. Will it last? It surely must. A galaxy lasts like the seasons in her eyes, her heart, her open arms. Let’s make it special, something more than special. Longtime guitarist, keyboardist, and collaborator for Hazel English (co-writing songs such as That Thing and More Like You), this Los Angeles based artist stretches his and our listening boundaries with succulent teases of keys and chimes, both from his vocals and his sentimental lyrics. An assault of magisterial beauty, we’d always welcome.


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