Tallmoe ‘Be My Enemy’ : Loving conjugation into feeling that we all can gravitate.


Coming in by Tallmoe is this single ‘Be My Enemy’. Shoegaze inspired, indie-pop rock that tells of love that comes by and leaves a big ol’ scar.

‘Be My Enemy’ is “about break-up and hate,” said the band, “albeit with a happier vibe than the subject matter. Being single number 3 for us, unintentionally it turned out to be number three in some kind of song-trilogy of the rise and fall of a love relationship – the first single, ‘Around’ about hope and love, the second, ‘Autocomplete to win’ about apathy and boredom, and now the third about break-up and hate.”

Tallmoe is a five-piece act from Karlstad, Sweden, founded by lead singer and songwriter Jesper Fielding in 2017. They released their debut single ‘Around’ in early 2020 after playing a few gigs. Now they stand even taller with magnificent effervescence and loving conjugation into feeling that we all can gravitate.

Jesper Fielding, Roger Hemström, Tomas Skoglund, Christian Sjöhol and Dennis Tufvasson together are Tallmoe.


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