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Tallsaint – Hard Love

“I imagined the first-person character in the story being surrounded by neon pink just constantly saying to herself “ah well, tough shit.” TALLSAINT continued: “I feel like ‘Hard Love’ is a self-assured track, which feels great because I feel like as an artist that’s where I’m also at.” The Leeds UK based provocateur of visions and sounds kick it off with drops in dramatics, quenching your desire for more and more. The blockbuster singing and vigilant raptures of TALLSAINT’s lyrics, encapsulate and encase you in a desirable cocoon from the world. It’s “those wavering moments you go through when you’re over thinking about how to behave around this person that’s keeping you at arm’s length,” and those hesitation make you human, fallible, lovable. It’s the adventures that keep things exciting. TALLSAINT sure does. See her next at Brudenell Social Club at Live, Leeds, May 4th.

oshri, Max Stark – Right Now

The heart wants what it wants. We all want what we want. That moment. This moment. You incur credits for the righteous indignations of saved impacts…the visions of how you see your life to be. With him. With her. In this palpable position, of positions. What to do. What not to do. Her lips. His eyes. Her soft skin. His beautiful caress. Need you now. More than ever. No philosophies needed. Just you. Let’s.

Cerian – Caught in the Dark

London singer/songwriter CERIAN takes her interpretive dance in song and lyrics, and transforms them for consumption. We’re lucky, for there are times when grace and purity in sentiments need some digesting and description, for we, humans need such support at times. And that is exactly what CERIAN does with her talents, to help us heal and understand, by proxy. It’ll be less traumatic that way, when the world is so harsh, at times. “I wanted to try to convey the feeling of Stockholm Syndrome, when your captor is your closest friend, your only constant, and yet also your worst enemy. The “darkness” felt by everyone at some point can take many forms, and will mean different things to different people. For me personally, the twist is that the captor is not necessarily someone else, but something within. The struggle to escape is silent, ongoing, and internal, and of course the inner and invisible battles can be the hardest to fight.” CERIAN is the co-founder of HEARD COLLECTIVE with Daisy Chute, as well.

Pheeyownah – Scent/Sweat

Archaic rendering of the past. Revisionist of the future. Dictatorial in the constancy. PHEEYOWNAH is a particularly charming and pure of an offering. The project is sensual to the max. You can feel the caress of your dreams, right up close and personal. The project is casual as the glance of your crush from the other side of the room. His gaze is only for you, in this empty Universe. The project is as galactic as the best traditions of the top music acts of this day. Transforming and transcending, ‘Scent/Sweat’ conveys the acts of the current to a higher plain of consciousness and revelry. How can this be? PHEEYOWNAH just does. “’Scent/Sweat’ is about getting rid of the scent of someone you no longer want in your life. Even though it’s been years since you’ve departed, the scent still lingers on and haunts you and the only way to get rid of it is to sweat it out of your system.” Deep and mahogany beats, underpin this single, and it warms our blood to a loving lust.

Kinder – No Sleep

KINDER is a sister duo of Savannah and Briony are a rare combination of talent, power, energy, and presentation prowess. ‘Something More’ is their second single which opens into a world within worlds. The cool and calm, contrasty vocals of Savannah crosses boundaries and barriers, with ease and decadence. The single bleeds on with continuous bass and dancing attributions. The fans tell it like it is, a the duo has influenced subscribers from Spotify’s new music Friday playlists in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Egypt, Gulf, Levant and North Africa.


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