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Tallsaint Shares ‘Warm Skin’. “Exuberance in love. Whims of playfulness.”

Portia Hunt

Exuberance in love. TALLSAINT’s depiction of falling into something that is decadent as that of two beings, feeling content, and as one. There is a glow around this first track of her debut EP ‘Hard love’ (available now).

TALLSAINT’s focus on hooky atmospheres is undeniable, as the bass traversing through her empathetic vocals, deal with subjects of obsession, romance, anxiety and womanhood.

Dance? Yes. You can dance. But her lines of lyrics, are bathed in the honey of thoughtful tendons in light, as one pulls, to and fro, stressing and de-stressing from the outbound pulses.

‘Warm Skin’ does exactly that, as the track constructs with the whims of playfulness, but is engrossed in synth, too admirable to compare.

TALLSAINT explained: It “is a descriptor for waking up in the middle of the night and opening your eyes to someone you cherish…When you’re asleep next to someone, it’s a vulnerable but also such a beautifully tender position to be in, I think this is the first song I’ve written in my life about subject matter so blissful.”

We sure do agree.

Louisa Osborn is TALLSAINT and we’re glad now that we can put that same feeling, in conjunction with a delicious single like ‘Warm Skin’. Just makes for a better time with that special someone, don’t you think?



Portia Hunt


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