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Tan Sanders and the Derelicts // Reyko // Butter Bath // Clock Opera // JOPLYN

Tan Sanders and the Derelicts – Low Down Poor Man Blues

Look. You want fun? You have a weekend night to spare? TAN SANDERS AND THE DERELICTS is what you need. From bending licks to the bluesy cowboy bop, ‘Low Down Poor Man Blues’ brings the smiles and intense line dancing mentality that we all have within us. ALL OF US. Promise. ‘Low Down Poor Man Blues’ is the first single from Tan Sanders and the Derelicts’ new album ‘Wretched Ole Freedom’ which drops November 22nd. Also see them again on October 25th for Tan Sanders Live at The Laughing Owl Kinston.

Reyko – Hierba Mala

Rising, London-based electropop duo REYKO follow up their delicate, atmospheric track ‘Lose Myself’ with brand new hit ‘Hierba Mala’. Consisting of vocalist Soleil and producer Igor, the two artists started making music together as the final project for Igor’s master’s degree in music production. Soleil and Igor have maintained their DIY approach to music ever since – writing, producing and recording everything from their home studio, mixing styles from electro, minimal, indie, dance and trap and balancing it with pop hooks and melodies. We’d first gotten to know REYKO with their hit ‘Spinning Over You’ in 2018, and saw them perform to over 20K people in Madrid’s Arena as part of the Spanish Radio Ball.

Butter Bath – Stray Cats

Written, recorded, performed and produced by me in my home studio in Sydney, ‘Stray Cats’ is an exploration of the emotional polarities when retrospectively viewing a relationship breakdown. The song straddles the unlikely gap between indie-rock, neo-soul and psych pop. Stray Cats, Butter Bath’s first offering to the indie music world, is an amalgamation of honeyed vocals and insatiable hypnotic groove coated in his distinctive ironic lyrical style. As he annotates the emotional polarities when retrospectively viewing a relationship breakdown, he asks the important and unaddressed question of, “what do the stray cats do with all of their spouses corpses?”. Flavor is what BUTTER BATH is about. And ‘Stray Cats’ is something sweeping and beautiful. The shimmer is perfect.

Clock Opera – Be Somebody Else

“I’ve seen the future and it looks just like today, with all the failures and the waiting cut away” sings Guy Connelly, Clock Opera’s frontman. “I remember writing about Clock Opera, and ending the piece by noting how Clock Opera seem determined in their own special cut-up way to remind listeners even in a world over-filled with too much cynical, contrived and complacent pop music how positively amazing pop music can be, as an entertainment that can actively change perceptions. I remember thinking, I wonder if it is ok to describe them as an eclectic four piece avant pop group. I remember deciding it was a good place to start.” See CLOCK OPERA again November 16th @ The Lexington, London.

JOPLYN – Floating

JOPLYN​ is a young and upcoming ​songwriter, piano player & vocalist​ from Berlin and her last electronica singles have already been remixed by electronic heavyweights such as ​Booka Shade, Robot Koch & HOSH & Florian Kruse. Her latest single​ FLOATING ​takes it down a notch and the song is a bit more chilled and relaxed. Lyrically, ​FLOATING​ describes a state of mind. A moment of complete liberation and detachment from everything ordinary. It is about escaping reality, into a world that you painted yourself, and empowering yourself through it. Extraordinarily sweepting in one breath of her words, JOPLYN casts a multitude of vibes simply and honestly.


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