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TANNERS Shares ‘This Crazy’. Another Gem From A Fabulous Twinkle In Time.

Sometimes we just can’t get enough of TANNERS. We’d reviewed their single ‘Empress In Reverse’ and we’d slapped on it, the CHF ‘Song Of The Day’ sticker. And for good reason, too. For it was “There are times when ‘pop songs’ don’t feel like ‘pop songs’. It feels like it has a different kind of heft and gravity. It exudes the kind of control and administration in nature that is unique to it, and its sensibilities. And we think TANNERS’ single ‘Empress In Reverse’ is one of those fun occasions.”

Now we come to another single, ‘This Crazy’, from the latest self-titled EP.

Just like TANNERS did with ‘This Crazy’, the combination of vocals and the aesthetics of the ambiance, triggers memories and feeling in our heads that just melts, then re-melts our hearts.

Tanner Peterson is a Brooklynite who studies at NYU, but she has a hold on our sensibilities with her songs.

Is it bad to confess this kind of longing?


But we can’t help it. She’s a gem for our ears.

“I’ve been trying to hide this crazy…” Tanner confessed.

Crazy like a fox? Crazy like a dang songstress? Both?


Anywho, take a look-see and feel what TANNERS can do for you. It’s a worthwhile time.



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