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Tar & Flowers Shares ‘Ten Ton Heart’. “Digs Deep Into Your ‘Country’ Habits.”

TAR & FLOWERS is a project of Taylor Hungerford. He’s a San Frenando Valley guy, and at a young age his parent took him to Chatsworth. There the rich wester history affected Taylor, which we can see and hear to this day.

Soon he teamed up with Wolf Kroeger, another frontier minded musician. There the team was completed with Matt Brundrett (composer, percussions) and Michael Ward as guitar and backing vocals.

You can’t avoid this single.

It digs deep into your ‘country’ habits you never thought you had.

The drizzle of slow ride through the haze of a dusk western summer is embedded in this single, and we dig it so.

You should too.

Really give it a go.



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