TARA ‘Oceans’ : Give solace and purpose to whom she is and will be.


‘Oceans’ is the newest single from Brooklyn band, TARA. Leading up to a debut LP their far off paradise of guitar leading shoegaze charms swell in grounding rhythm section and soaring melodies. A debilitating vision of what betterment can be, the protagonist of ‘Oceans’, is hurt by the unreachable tang for the future, but at the same time, the urgency of working towards that new place, give solace and purpose to whom she is and will be.

With each band member having different influences (DIIV, Beach House, Wild Nothing, Slowdive, and many more) and prior projects in a variety of genres they’ve created a unique blend of sound for the genre.

The band is made up of Jack Weiss, Wesley Deimling, Alexa Garay, Saagar and Stephen Kingslow. And the moody and emotional, boost you into another vail of existence.


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