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TARA Shares ‘Second Guess’. “Is a foundation for the uninitiated soul.”

Expansive and reaching, TARA’s debut single ‘Second Guess’ manipulates our senses with classic shoegaze and new-wave holographics through sonic interpretations and decadent tastes of grandeur.

The as of yet mysterious 5 piece band forms in the deluge of sights and sounds, whetting our appetites for what may or may not come, after all. The Brooklyn based band come together in an amalgamation of thoughts and processes, each have dealt and produced in various iterations. The musical culmination for the excited souls, downtrodden to emphatic bottoms, exult back into life through the surprising upbeat of the instruments and notes.

The mystic colors of ‘Second Guess’ delivers with absolute guidance and understated funk, as the drums and bass drive the conversations of longing and optimism forward.

Messing with the dials of every-which-way, rests in spectrums of love and lust. TARA’s unique blend rests upon our chests, as we admire the soft glints of that wide and whimsical stream laid grassland of our restful minds.

TARA’s ‘Second Guess’ is a foundation for the uninitiated soul.

And with it, we just want to keep searching.

Look for more singles this year.


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