Taroug ‘Perpetual’ : Your revival. Your birth. A rise to the occasion.


After musical refocusing, the song Perpetual will be the first official release by Taroug. A solo project by German-Tunisian electronic music artist Tarek Zarroug, the lyrics are describing an abstract sight of a wormhole in a humans mind. The eternal dance between closeness and distance. Between imagination and reality. Like a mirage in the desert.

Eternal in the glory of it all, ‘Perpetual’ is a gaining electro glamor, of the highest order.

A decadent down beat, circulating ambience, all encapsulated in the juxtaposition of wants and repellent – a suppositional reclamation insinuates an aura of personal variations in thought and revival.

Your revival. Your birth. A rise to the occasion.

Lovely in deed.


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