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Tash Sultana Shares ‘Harvest Love’. European Tour To Commence In September.

‘Harvest Love’ is taken from the upcoming debut album ‘Flow State’ from TASH SULTANA. In this video of the single, she sits us down to her music through the bedroom environment, notched only by the sounds of her voice and her acoustic guitar.

“I wrote this song a little while back. People kind of assume that I only write songs with live looping but I actually write in all different ways. This is a piece I’m super proud of,” Tash states.

“I unlocked a little part of me to completely simplify the story I was trying to tell. I think you kind of get that way when you have a moment in your life when the entire world is just to hard to comprehend. So this is what came from that.”

After the August tour of Canada and San Francisco, she’ll be heading to Europe in September, in continuation of the momentum garnered.

Her project has collected much praise and popularity. One of the factor is her magnetism on and off stage, with emotional paintings regulated by her sense of what her brand of music should be. It’s resonated dramatically with her fans, and she continues on.

On August 31st, the new debut album ‘Flow State’ drops.



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