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Tasseomancy – Do Easy

We have crushes. Band-crushes, that is.

Sometimes often, and aggressively. It’s not a weird thing. It’s just that we get hit on the head with an awesome song, an awesome band, or just an awesome concept during our searches.

Tasseomancy (twin sisters, Sari & Romy) is one of those times.

One word for us is “DELICIOUS”.

Yes, we can only describe Tasseomancy’s body of work, “delicious”, because well, it’s appetizing and addicting. Of course this is wholly our own blend of bias, but no matter which angle witnessed, we believe they are certainly “delicious”.

Take a look at this song “Do Easy”. It’s what “indie / Brooklyn / Hippie” pop should be. Yea, it’s so very ‘niche’ and that is one of the things so delectable to our ears.

Presentation of the song is done with coy flirtation of the soul. Add to that the weird-ish visuals in their music video just seasons the Sari/Romy broth into edible bits.

Their, now veteran careers starting from Toronto (their origins), just makes sense in this evolving amplification of what’s between their creative ears.

We will be a big fan of Sari and Romy for a long time. It’s always a cool thing that artists experiment with such sounds and let others (like us at CHF) enjoy them.

Have a go, gang. Enjoy the goodness, the weirdness, the non-conformist execution of their songs.

They are one of our OOTD!

And we’re on-board, Sari/Romy.



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